Our Partners

The Springs Learning Center is funded entirely by a combination of donated services, corporate and civic donations, individual gifts, and grants from foundations and other organizations.

The annual cost per learner at the Springs Learning Center is about $250, which includes books, materials, and fixed costs like rent and utilities.

We are grateful for the many individuals and organizations that partner with us to achieve our mission and goals, including our volunteers, donors, advisory council members, and other organizations with whom we collaborate.

If you would like to donate to help the Springs Learning Center, click here. 

Advisory Council

Members of the Springs Learning Center Advisory Council are as follows:

  • Anglea Arpino
  • Deacon Frank J. Bevvino, OPA
  • Jeanne Mangino
  • Jhesenia Orellana
  • Chair: Sharon Wryzosek


The Springs Learning Center is affiliated with The National Initiative for Literacy (NIFL), Pro Literacy Worldwide, Greater New Haven Literacy Coalition, and the Siena Learning Center (New Britain, CT).