From our Learners

Read testimonials from a few of our adult learners:

Maria Cristina: “We start with the first level. Now I’m in my fourth year. I think this system is very good. I have studied for my citizenship and passed! In the future, I would like to help another to learn English in the same way that I am learning or to help people who want to learn Spanish using this approach.”

Susana: “I am very happy to come to class twice a week. It is a way to improve my English. I always thought that speaking two languages would be great. The doors to many opportunities are opened for those who invest their time. The good will of the people who give the best that they have helps the adults who come to the learning center.”

Cruz Elena: “I began studying English 10 years ago at New Haven Adult Ed. Initially, I was taking classes all week but with my job I had to cut to one hour a week at the Springs Learning Center. After 2 years I went back to Colombia and had to stop classes. After 5 years in Colombia, I came back to the US. I have returned to English classes at the Springs Learning Center with the same tutor I had before, Ann Crowe. Learning English gives me more opportunities and more doors open for me. It helps me speak with people who don’t speak Spanish. I can understand English better at my job and in the United States.”

Eduardo: “In January 2006, I was reading the newspaper in St. Rose of Lima Parish. I saw: ‘Learn English at the Springs Learning Center, New Haven. For more information: Call 203 787-1025.’ And I did call. After the call I talked with Sr. Maryann in her office. Before classes, I did not speak English; now, I speak, write, and read a little of this language. Thank you for everything. Remember: It’s never too late to learn!”