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Could you be a tutor?

What is it like to be an ESL (English as a Second Language) tutor?
  • Most of our ESL tutors work one-on-one with adult learners. Small (2-3 persons) groups are sometimes created.
  • Training workshops are provided to teach volunteers about tutoring effectively. These workshops are scheduled at the convenience of volunteers.*
  • You do not need to speak a foreign language
  • You will spend about 1 -1/2 hours per week with your learner. We find that the preparation time for each session is usually an additional 15-60 minutes.
  • To help ensure the success of our learners, we ask that you commit to tutoring for one academic year.
  • Tutoring sessions will be at a mutually-accepted time and place convenient for both the learner and the tutor. We consider the location and availability of both learners and tutors in matching up learning teams.
    • You can meet in person at the Springs Learning Center, a public library, or another public location.
    • You can also meet through Zoom video call; the Center will supply access to a Zoom account.
  • Books and other materials are provided.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer tutor, please call the Center at (203) 787-1025 (O) or (203) 780-1412 (M) or send us an email at springslearning@oppeace.org – to schedule an information session with the director.



*Tutor In-Service is held annually on one Saturday in October, 9:30 to 11:45am.

Why would a person serve as a tutor?

It could have something to do with the gratitude you receive from your learner. Maybe it’s the satisfaction of seeing your efforts change the life of one of your neighbors. Or it could be using your own talents to make New Haven a better place.

See what our tutors have to say about their personal education ministry.

  • “I saw a notice in my church bulletin suggesting volunteering. The Center Director assured me that the only requirements for tutors are English fluency, dedication, and a love for people. She stressed that the Laubach Method used at the Center has the techniques that make it possible to teach another without knowing the other’s language. She said that people learn when they are respected, when the learning is relevant, based on experience, appeals to all the senses, and meets the individual needs.”

  • “Did I ever think that retiring as a nurse after 42 years I would be a tutor for the ESL program at Springs Learning Center? Since I only had two years of Spanish in High School I was convinced that it would not qualify me as a tutor. But I was wrong! So here I am many years later and still enjoying it. I have developed some great friendships with my students and I find it very rewarding. I often wonder if I missed my calling way back when?”

  • “I’m now in my sixth year at the Center. In those years I have had students who started at zero to those who could speak and think in English from the beginning. Many students now read articles and write expository paragraphs. One student I know returned to his country with books provided by the Center, planning to teach his relatives.”